We understand how important it is to have functionality in a house without compromising individuality. Let us help you draft your forever home!

The Process Explained

There are four main phases to designing any project. Those phases include the pre-design, schematic design, design development, and the construction document stage.

1) Pre-Design

  • This information gathering phase will be the foundation of the design process. Pre-design includes homeowner needs, lot information, and  future use of the home.
  • This is the time to think about the sizes, functionality, and arrangement of spaces. Researching floor plans online can assist homeowners in visualizing spaces easier. 

2) Schematic Design

  • The floor plans and general shape of the project start to take form as  meetings and feedback from clients occur. Owners make a majority of changes to the home since design is most fluid at this stage.
  • Hand sketches, inspiration boards, and using other projects as examples can all help to formulate the relationship of spaces to one another.

3) Design Development

  • The priority of this phase is to define all of the vital elements and develop important aspects of the project into a complete set of drawings.
  • This is the stage to finalize interior and exterior materials, adjust window and door locations, and make final adjustments to the building shape. Communication with subcontractors begins.

4) Construction Documents

  • A thoroughly noted, detailed, and dimensioned plan is created outlining the specifications and unique details of the project. These plans are considered final and used for construction.
  • This phase often takes the most time as it is necessary to have accurate and detailed plans with information such as the finishes, fixture locations, and appliances needed.


How Can We Help?

Pre-Drawn Floor Plans

Ask us about our previously drawn floor plans to help get you inspired!

Constructability Knowledge

Our team is here to assist you in creating your vision. While ideas are always welcome, we can help when it comes to the feasibility of a build.


Our drafters are able to utilize technology to aid in the drafting of your floor plans as well as create exterior color schemes.

Check out this glimpse into some of the technology we use to draft plans and work through the design process.

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