Commercial and Industrial Services

Pettow Construction has been an essential part of many commercial and industrial projects. We can be a general or a subcontractor for your project!

General Contracting for Commercial and Industrial 

Pettow Construction has taken the role of general contractor for many light commercial and industrial projects. We have four different skilled crews in-house to help complete your project!







Quality control

What to Expect:

We strive to be a part of successful projects, and our four crews are critical to that success. Whether you need just framing, footings and foundation, or generaling on the whole project, Pettow Construction has you covered!

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Commercial and Industrial Subcontracting

Pettow Construction has been a subcontractor under other local contractors on various projects in and around the lakes area. We have four different skilled crews in-house to help complete your project!


ICF foundations

Thickened edged slabs

Poured concrete walls

Exterior sidewalks, aprons, and patios


Framing walls and stairs

Setting floor and roof trusses

Sheathing ext. walls and roof

Installing house wrap

Setting exterior doors and windows

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